Lean man did not say anything, she would fill it with a smile cited: “Come, come look at the amount advanced measurements.”Then toward the inside shouted,” Liu three!To the girl.She is a girl?Amount of measurements under!”

  He opened the door next, motioned her to go.
  Suxing Chen looked at him, looked up and down Mouguang this place the moment you go.
  Inside, the man put the room door closed, Su Xingchen just looked back and said nothing.
  It’s about twenty square meters of the room, the room stood two plastic models, and a table, with scissors, tape something like.
  A middle-aged man on the inside, to see her come in, said nothing, took the tape to come, “jacket off, hands up.”
  That lean man stood in the doorway, stood against the door.
  Su Xingchen slowly put down the bag, unzip the outside of the black jacket off, not two eyes in her majestic but there are obvious ups and downs of chest hang around for a moment, I looked at each other in the eye, and said the sound: ” sweater off.”
  Su Xingchen will also take in the hands of the jacket worn again, until the hands of men lean against the door I do not know when to come up with a knife in his hand playing with: “Little girl, I advise you to listen that the sweater off, a quantity measurements only, you say you?”
  After a moment, looking down on the ground, two broken ribs of a few good people, Su Xingchen indifferent CollapseFeet, took out his mobile, alarm.
  From the Police Department, has been one p.m., and Su Xingchen he hurried to another model where the wedding interview.
  People say she is a model of wedd北京夜网ing dress for an interview, she looked up and down about it, said: “We want to recruit the wedding is a model, not a model ah groom.”
  Suxing Chen: “.The groom model can also be.”
  People ruthless said: “The bridegroom model.You also tall enough ah.”
  Suxing Chen: “.”
  Interview finished two places, the days are dark, casually looking for a place to eat something, do not know where to go, just sitting in the chair of the South Lake.
  Mountains around Lake may be, is a good place pregnant with beauty since ancient times, the aura here is actually to be rich than the Foreign Language High School, today rare good weather, no rain, Su Xingchen will not find a man sitting on a bench, sit down meditate.
  Cheng Kang Yao had spent a day at home, holding a cell phone, playing a few lines, and deleting, find the phone, put down the phone, it lying in bed, could not help but look at the phone for a while, look at the phone for a while, there is no news.

  Paul Chun heart was hung slowly put down, and so now the good news of the Han Yu cloud.

  ”Brothers and sisters, to help you remember I told the youngest, he was the brother I really mean it.”
  Paul Chun looked at Zhao Yi that look, and are still trying to speak, it was very sad.”it is good.”The tears began to wanton eyes, Paul Chun control myself.
  ”And one last thing, so be careful youngest brother.”
  Zhao Yi just want to refer to something, raising his hand when his hand suddenly fell down.
  Paul Chun Shenshouqujie, but did not have time.
  After a long time no echo, Paul Chun finally understand their own immediate situation.
  She dried her tears slowly raising his hand in his own eyes, he turned and left the room.
  And when another Han Yu cloud while still busy Zhao easy to configure antidote, Han Yu heard the sound of a cloud, looked up to see that Paul Chun.
  After watching Paul Chun reddish eyes, Han Yu little hearts cloud tainted feeling a beat, he always felt what happened.
  But he did not want to admit, now appears in front of Paul Chun Han Yu cloud, trying to calm his own mind.
  Paul Chun against Han Yu cloud, said:苏州桑拿网 “Dear husband, we used to look at it brother.”
  Han Yu Yun shook his head in front of Paul Chun said: “Abhay, you wait for me, I’ll take a good antidote to the study.”
  However, Han Yu cloud mouth So saying, the hand has been supporting the table body is suddenly soft down, sitting down on a chair.
  Paul Chun appear here what the outcome, he should not already know it?

  ☆, four hundred dead chapter 13 Zhao Yi

  Zhao Yi funeral to do is very simple, Han Yu cloud did not want to waste time, he knew he had more important things to do.
  But Han Yu cloud now that the state does not allow Paul Chun worried, from the left after Zhao Yi, Han Yu cloud over the rest of the body is not.
  He has been staying Zhao Yi’s grave there, the people who have not the slightest breath.
  After watching Paul Chun Han Yu cloud more and more pale face, and he was almost to the bleeding chapped lips, she knew Han Yu cloud barely.

  Teenage heart inexplicable a fever, a moment of mental state of trance.

  It was as if once, exhale gently towards him, for he rubbed his forehead hit the pain, “whirring, no pain, good, no pain.”
  ”Do not talk to me carefully,” Zhou Weimin whispered, “You and other people are not the same, I love you so, do not change, do not change forever.”
  Who heads the palace, not dislike him, is afraid of him, so many years, only a Xiao Ruan, to treat him as a normal person, would be good pedagogues, will be lightly smile.
  Xiao Ruan startled by startled, my heart a soft: “Yes, the four Highness, as long as you do not mind, I’ll have this, you can not always will Nieduan hit my neck or my board.”
  ”No,” Zhou Weimin Xiangyebuxiang retorted, “never.”
  After a stick of incense effort, ink dry, Xiao Ruan rolled up into a cloth bag and handed it to Zhou Weimin, just have to ask the servant, he said the prince asked them both in the past.
  Together out of the yard, towards the main house and walked along the Chao Shou veranda, seeing the front is coming, Zhou Weimin suddenly stopped.
  He toward 苏州夜网looked around and hesitated for a moment, and finally made up my mind: “You know, the big idea hit you in Huangxiong?”
  Ruan Xiao shocked.
  Last Zhouwei Xi temptation, she has rightly rejected, and now Zhouwei Xi Cui Drew two people to have changed Mingtie, closed her character, six more than half gone ceremony, wedding scheduled for the spring of next year in March.All this, Zhou Weixi actually have not lost hope?
  ”Yesterday I overheard him and begged the Queen, saying that you want included in the Orient House, the Queen was scolded,” Zhou Weimin low voice, “but then I did not hear how the two of them so far away.”
  ”So you’re specifically looking for me today tipped off?”Xiao Ruan warm heart,” Thank you, the four Highness, I know you’re a good-hearted.”
  Zhou Weimin a red ears: “Nonsense, I just do not want a large be广州桑拿网d of roses fills Huangxiong.”
  This awkward child again disguised himself as a bad man.
  Renzhao Xiao Xiao Ruan, authentic seriousness: “yes yes yes, four Highness sinister and ruthless, wily, one look is not a good man.”
  ”You -” Zhou Weimin angry, looked away to ignore Xiao Ruan, just keep go forward.
  They pinned mouth all the way to the lobby, Zhouwei Xi Zhou Nymphoides positive and should be talking, saw Xiao Ruan, eyes suddenly light up: “Ruan sister, so long gone, the more you fall out □□ bright.”

  ”General, Major General Zhang Liucheng sent his cronies come to see you.”Zhuo Yan into the study, report it out loud.

  ”Liucheng Zhang Ruikai, did not expect the first one who turned him over.”Heng Yu is not accidental warlord cronies who have yet t南宁夜网o find her safe and sound, but did not think Zhang Ruikai cronies came so fast.
  Liucheng distance and Gan city, for fear that the news of her victory just reached Liucheng, Zhang Ruikai he sent the people willing to come to the city.
  Liucheng forces is Zhang Ruikai father single-handedly laid, but three years ago, his father died of illness, all the forces of the entire liucheng inherited by Zhang Ruikai.Before Xie Heng-yu not turned out, he was the youngest warlords in a person, it is called “Major General Zhang”.
  Liucheng warlords regarded as one of the largest warlords, but his father did not like that Zhang Ruikai to break expansion of soil to lay pride of country, Conservative plenty of energy.So he did not blending into the Heng-yu several major battles with other warlords, just was not affected in the night’s bloodshed.
  ”He came to see me with it.”Heng Yu nod.
  Was brought to the two people, one is Zhang Ruikai aide, another man with the weight of the adjutant behind some low brim, can not see his face.
  Heng Yu glanced at the two one, look at the man who stood behind the multi pause for a few seconds, your mind a move, are not brought back lips, looked very good mood, “Major General Zhang did not think that there is a person to, it seems Major General Zhang cooperation with Xiemou good faith ah.”
  Zhang Ruikai adjutant slightly open body side, standing behind his head Zhang Ruikai top wearing off cap with both hands, with the left hand holding the body side resting, slightly bent down, “General Xie, heard a lot.”
  He looks romantic, self-made beauty, not a separatist party dominion warlords, more like a romantic casual wealthy in ten foreign market where your son.
  Heng Yu got up, and he Jianli.
  ”Warlordism party, but either my father or Zhang himself, wants to witness one day dominate the mountains and rivers.Government incompetence, when my father and I can only separatist party, quietly accumulate strength.General purpose and Zhang same as those sites under my influence, is how to give the generals Xie.”Zhang Ruikai hearty smile, manner of speaking is very refreshing, very able people a good impres北京夜生活网sion Bode.
  Heng Yu is not a fool, natural Zhang Ruikai hear the words there sort of true but also a bit fake, can be as warlords, the authority has been let out, it is not a deterrent in the past, so do not worry Heng-yu Zhang Ruikai play at what a small mind.
  Since Zhang Ruikai so active, she will naturally reciprocated.
  ”Liucheng over there I did not find out about the situation, and that it is up to tens of thousands of natural SCHOOL HEALTH General Chang to take over.”
  Etc. When Zhang Ruikai Xie and his lieutenant to leave the mansion, he finally could not help but relieved.

  ”Yes, Wenda Fu, want to give you a surprise was it did not scare you?”Rong Li said with a smile, a warm welcoming pulled nine hand.

  And then froze on the side of Xiao Yi said: “A station, this is the last time I met up at Fayuan Wenda Fu, Qi children she helped heal our wounded hand, did not even leave a scar next, there is ah, she is the younger brother was wounded on Wen Dafu.By the way, you just talk about what it?”
  Xiao Yi shook his head and softly said loudly: “Nothing.”Then, on the right side of the jacket waiting for the guards beckoned, then flew guards walked beside Xiao Yi, Jia Zhu his two arms, to help him to a wheelchair.
  Xiao Yi sat back in a wheelchair, the people of the state, and when the temperature with just nine very different conversation, instantly became the appearance of a handsome son of a family, and he towards Rong Li Wen nine smiled: ” you talk, I still do.”Then, Chong Wen nine slight nod, then let the guards pushing his wheelchair away.
  Xiao Yi change this mood, so warm nine a little bit ign都市兔兔orant, but she was soon able to understand.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  888 married love

  Xiao Yi just practice walking, in fact, is a very painful thing, he pretending to be normal in the face of Li Rong, probably does not want his wife to worry about him now!
  Wen nine thought, Xiao Yi although walking, have a disability, but to treat his wife, really is quite got the idea, Li Rong with him, presumably a loving couple, right!
  ”Seiko lady, today, thank you for inviting me to this guest.”
  ”Wen Dafu, you’re welcome, you are a big benefactor of our Xiao Hou Fu, saved the life of his younger brother, the day Cloud Temple in law, my youngest son was hurt, if not you come forward in time, I’d probably be more alarmed, I do not know what to do.”Rong Li spoke, he pulled the warm nine a small pavilion near the house, letting the servant sent to fruits and refreshments.
  I heard Gu Hong Sheng and Lu Zaining have come, let Li Rong maidservants who, her two children and a woman were taken to the drawing room to the other side, so that they children were playing in a.
  Li Rong from childhood probably born in the northwest, relatively warm temper, and he likes to chat with warm introduction about nine cases of several children of their own.
  Rong Li and Xiao Yi’s eldest son is called Xiao Lin, the second daughter named Xiao away, two children are twins, both just turned twelve years old this year.
  Younger son Xiao Qi, Li Rong is the day to bring Fayuan votive, seven years old, one year older than Gu Hong Sheng.
  Li Rong was very talkative, with warm nine chatted about a number of problems concerning children’s education, Wen nine thought she was a born eldest son of Princess Princess, went so far as with ordinary people’s mothers, so hands-on with three children, it really is quite rare.
  Speaking of kids watching Rong Li and Xiao Yi, his face filled out a smile, warm nine think that this woman is really married to the love.
  Although today but warm IX and Rong Li’s second meeting, however, in a welcoming Rong Li of infection, do not feel warm nine, or himself and his relationship between strangers, she only think of two people the room seemed to hit it off.
  This man can not be at a good relationship, not to talk to talk, but also to see first impression, Wen Li Rong nine against the first impression of very good, theSo now it will talk to him, it is more close.
  However, Premier Wen nine and feel, in Yuehua Jian Li Rong always have some hidden emotions.
  Although not very obvious, but Nine is a temperature sensitive person, she can feel it, Rong Li seems to have nothing to ask her.
  Wen Nine is not like other people’s psychological guess, but she felt Rong Li should be a frank person’s character, what if he can tell her directly, so the temperature nine will ask again: “Seiko Lady, Mrs. Seiko, you find me today, it is certainly not alone and I want to chat with me?I can feel what are you thinking, if convenient, may wish to talk with me.”
  ”Look you are out.”Rong Li Chong Wen nine showing a hint of a smile, she had still hesitated, but do not want to be seen through the mind Wen nine.
  ”In fact, I find today’s temperature over the girl, want you to help, the issue of the Arab-Israeli Station.”
  ”Seiko problem?His leg?”
  ”Yes, I tell you the truth, warm girl, I just deliberately make people take you up from that road, I know these days, where he will station A practice walking every day, he walked around to practice, next can not let someone watching.So, I think that not every brilliant idea, just want you to help me look at his injury, as well as save it?If you have saved it, warm girl, can you help him do?”
  Wen nine did not immediately answer Rong Li’s words, but some curious and asked: “Seiko Madame, you so believe me, why you?”Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  ”You shut up, who said he was married with me?”Red Wa Village chiefs against this stockade best one room ca杭州桑拿lled out:” Come out, pink clouds, you look at it, this man is not to your mind fit.”

  That room door crashed open, the door came the sound of jingling silver ring wear, a tall graceful young woman with bare feet out the door.
  Her skin is not the kind of people like white skin, but healthy wheat color, but fine facial features, looks absolutely not ugly, but there is a different kind of beauty.
  Qin Xuan looked at, look back, look to the great king, well, this kid has been fascinated, did not think ah, this turned out to be his favorite type?
  Across the far, Qin Xuan, heard the faint sound of swallowing a great king, he reminded dislike a cry: “Can a little Offer?First wipe your nosebleed!”
  ”Oo!”Great king answered a God hastily wiped his nose on to really rub a touch of red blood, he would like to rise early so that n南宁桑拿osebleed stopped, but they could not bear the eyes off him Caixia.
  Red Wa leader seeing this, raised an eyebrow look to the Qin Xuan: “how?Your men are willing to marry it with my daughter?”
  That was love at first sight looked eye to see, began to ogle men and women, Qin Xuan Momobizai confessed: “It appears he was quite willing, then you may wish to talk to us stockade submission temporary court?After all, the king is my great men, whatever the outcome, it gave me a face?”
  ”This hard to say, anyway, after you with married men, they gave birth to children, I red blood Wa, but also the Central Plains origin, can be considered a family.”
  Red Wa leader also very very upset fitters, who did not want to see the court, but his daughter is not married, the court will worry about its own idea hit her daughter so she paired with the emperor’s son Bale.
  She was once married into the royal family to understand, that really is beyond our control, and her daughter will be the next leader of the Red Wa Village, married into the royal family that is absolutely do not, why they want more than before to resist for a while, make yourself a little more capital to negotiate.

Chapter 64
  The great king nosebleed can be stopped, but the whole people are stupid Leng Leng staring at other people see pink clouds, pink clouds veiled is not the kind of woman, or a woman in red Wa Village is not subtle, see like usually take the initiative.
  This is a great king pink clouds like the type, but she, like the leader will say Mandarin, they take the initiative to come talk: “Do you think I look good?”
  ”good looking!”Wang Meng great nod, he saw that moment on pink clouds shift is not open eyes, how could she think it does not look good.
  Choi Ha asked: “What do you want to marry me?”
  Wang would like a great nod, but whatever the outcome, there is a faint trace of sanity surviving: “want to want to, but I, we know.”
  ”What does it matter, in your negotiations ning with my mother this time, we can get to know each other, you do not want to carry out in-depth understanding me?”
  Great king did not hesitate: “Of course willing!”
  ”Come on, I’ll show you around our stockade, big let ning and talk to my mother.”
  Wang Xuan great look to the Qin, Qin Xuan nodded to see this leave together following the pink clouds.
  They look away, leader phoenix fishes Qin Xuan said: “Now we can sit down and talk about other things.”
  The two sides sat down at the Red Wa Village Chamber, the Qin Xuan he wanted to confirm his own previous speculation is correct: “Red Wa Village with remote cottage like the stockade, in fact, are the Red Wa Chai points out to confuse the enemy while protecting the red wa Village bar stronghold?”

  Lake looked shaken, fathe南宁桑拿r and daughter did not speak, but quietly, in a trance I do not know what to think.

  Zhou Qin suddenly spoke up: “How are you recently?”She looked away, looked at the grass on the right side, there were tears in the eyes round and round.
  ”Dad is very good.”Pei Naochun answered quickly, his side head watching her daughter, Zhou Qin’s body seemed to tremble, hands tightly clutching the chair under the body, with force, the slender back of the hand, there seems to float veins traces of “getting it Qinqin?”
  not good.Zhou Qin wanted to stand in front of my father and told him how bad she flies!How good will?Do her father, and her mother became someone else’s mother, not their own home, school students also hate.
  ”I’m also quite good.”Her deep breath and answered the questions my father, blinked tears smashed down, down his face, tears are hot, too hot to her heart.
  Zhou Qin back exceptionally thin, Pei Naochun see distressed, and strive to maintain brisk tone: “Some time ago, I put the security area of work to quit, now a security guard at night in the bar during the day and do some part-time.”He thought, decided to be honest,” at the site where.”
  ”Why do you go to the site?”Zhou Qin still did not look back, she was very fast and did not get VIP nasal them, near the former home also has sites, workers often stripped to the waist, pulling sand cement a car, but with the naked eye to see that hard work , think of the site where my father went to work, her heart could not help a bit tight, the other end of the cell is not a human right?Dad still encountered anything short of money?
  Pei Naochun silent, spoke up: “Dad wanted to make a little extra money.”
  Zhou Qin did not answer, she was sad, so there is money important to you?Body Is not important!?
  ”This time, my father like a lot.”Pei Naochun Speed unhappy,” I really can not give you and your mom live a good point, I was not trying hard enough.”
  Because of this money I am going to fight so hard for it?Zhou Qin forced the tears wiped his face, looking back to my father, wood face.
  Pei Naochun opening, his voice full of earnest, “Qin Qin, Dad capacity is not enough, you can not give a particularly good life.”
  Zhou Qin simmering tears, her heart sneer, Dad never know, this so-called “good life” is not good.
  ”Dad and you just have to say, I find another job on the outside, although they are still doing my line of work, as a security guard, but higher income than before.”Pei Naochun hand, carrying a bag on his chest, he settled two days at the site where the money went to the interview on the movie for Wu, also bought himself a set of simple outfit, he dig from the bag out of the cards, stuffed into the hands of his daughter, ingratiating smile, “dad a lot of money now than before it!Qinqin also managed to give us a little money.”
  Pei Naochun put down the card: “Qin Qin, you are now a good time, Dad will be assured.”He seemed a little lost, and soon cheer up, ‘you have to remember, no matter what time, and my father is behind you, if.’
  He paused: “If someday if you are not happy, and my father said, Dad take you home.”
  Zhou Qin seem to have been frozen like, stunned at that, she looked down at the card, looked at my father suddenly a lot more small pair of hand injuries, did not speak in silence.
  Pei Naochun embarrassed smile: “Is it a long time did not see my father, and my father are not familiar with the?”His voice was full of lost,” all right, but also very good, very good, you are now a good time, Dad also happy head and heart.”

Taking advantage had had the drug, the Soviet Union exquisite in maid’s arm, whole body immersed in a chemical solution in the dark.

“Throttle, Feishu.”Su Delicate read a point each, the servant girl named Angelica, she would fall in accordance with lily’s orders.

Home a total of two maidservants, called Angelica, called the South candle, are Nguyen embroidered Tong rescued the good Angelica memory, herbs all knew and know acupuncture points, the South candle great an effort, Nguyen embroidered Tong sent her martial arts Qiao, your studies, more will use one.

Nguyen embroidered Tong Nguyen wing in the water picked up, Nguyen Wing this is Kyoto where the doctor, the most powerful ability is the ability to break the fetus is male or female, I feel that this ability too sin, refused to put this unique technique revealed the results of wine after his son knows, was forced to go to the rich and powerful people off the child is male or female.

Just because my daughter is falling female fetuses, even Ruan Rong growing reputation, his heart sorry, thinking that bloody fetus, they feel that they are sin.

Is not only powerful, people also want t广州桑拿网o give birth to males, there are desperate people who lives with his wife Nguyen Wing coercion, accidentally, Wang let mourning their lives.

Nguyen wing after this point, Taichetaiwu, and his son broke off relations, resolutely left Kyoto.

On the way rescued embroidered Tong Nguyen, he gave her as a daughter possessor.

As said, embroidered Tong Nguyen marriage, but also because the case is a medicine sky.

Nguyen Wing medicine is good, save a wealthy merchant, to facilitate you want to marry at home, after Ruan embroidered Tong and the hairpin married son merchant’s, who knows the hearts of man’s only his cousin, later married a variety of taunts Nguyen embroidered Tong, wanted to marry his cousin’s wife to make flat.

After Nguyen embroidered Tong temper staunch, we know the truth, and then he decided to leave and.

  ”I do not!”I’m obsessed with particular grievances, tears almost fell out, ‘you too much, I did not name no points with you so long, I’m not good enough for you.’

  Only this time I have been in no mood to listen to these Haotian nonsense lines, and he proceeded to turn wants to go, I’m obsessed would be expected to walk away, she did not expect this time of particularly stubborn, actually fall directly be brought in, he was dismayed to look back, to see the forest has begun obsessed with sore.
  ”My stomach hurts good, is no都市体验网 t got to look at the hospital?If the child how to do something wrong?”
  I Haotian panic, he immediately took out his mobile, find a friend’s telephone two homes, even in such an emergency, he still did not want to’m obsessed to the Central Hospital: “You first lie flat, slow look, I’ll Taxi over!”
  A mass panic.
  After dinner, which will be returned to their room to rest, Pei Baoshu home this afternoon, but also against the aunt who frankly wept, and before put relentless, said to the court to see, looks absolutely not a person she cried all the family to a knot, then sobbing and said, all right, she will soon be all good, it will eventually be Pei Naochun pressing, back to the room to rest.
  Not to the point of dinner, I will be sent back to a Ze, his big hand bags, all of you concerned about relatives, he entered the first thing is to find her mother, Pei did not Naochun stopped in time, they saw the little guy channeling into it, and then Pei Baoshu lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, are quietly shedding tears over a Ze Leng Leng at the door, she saw her mother trying to get dared go, and finally closed out quietly, sitting on the sofa initiated stay.
  Dinner is still Pei Naochun prepared, very rich, Pei Baoshu so roughly a point to eat, struggling with a crowded ugly smile, right again after dinner was coaxed into the rest Pei Naochun.
  Pei Naochun room with a desk, is used to prepare lessons when he was young, he was sitting at the table, with a reading glasses, while a thick black address book, the other side is a mobile phone, he was one to keep the phone.
  he is?City taught for almost forty years of books, saying that students everywhere, no exaggeration, sometimes go out visiting a street, can be met former students, now, good holidays, there are some feelings students come to visit, even if it did not turn over in high places.
  And these, that contacts.
  He is now a man put on a lug words, he wants to take something to please them, asking them for more than Haotian, his son this good a lot of care, but also do not need to deliberately make things difficult, it’s all in strict accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association to act, people can open one eye closed off, absolutely we have to face up to him, careful study.
  This is also the father of him, can give the good son, the biggest “gift”, and he is narrow-minded!
  He moves unhurried, this face is still there, receive information basically replied, except for one or two may change phones, they also imply whether or not to suppress a little bit more than Haotian, Pei Naochun can not agree, he does not intend to do similar things framed his dirty, dirty himself can not follow, since we all have to live under the rule, let him live “tighter” some, as can been better than bad, and that is his own thing.
  Just busy, book cover, door then there is a talking head of a small figure, but also the boss holding a pillow, looking timid.
  ”How, a Ze?”Pei Naochun stood up, looked in the past to ask, Kurtis has three rooms, original rooms have been packed up more than Ze make a living, and now he is sleeping in his own.
  ”Grandfather, do you want to rest?”I carefully asked a Ze.

Road Safety Academy of scholarship as long as outstanding people, a number of times, as well as courtiers children went to Jinhua College, Song Yuchen lack of knowledge on road safety into the academy, but to the Jinhua College.

“That comparison and how?”Su exquisite smile.

Author has to say: the empress to start brushing up Caiming.

Di sister substitute (5)

Liaocheng Hui against the servant told, was soon to lead them downstairs.

Moved out of the case in the back room of a long table, the restaurant where people know that this is a test of someone.You know, Spring Creek Court of consumption is not low, here are the literati tea, played Masaoki poetry inscription in the middle of the downstairs is common.

Qinhao’s not a pushy person’s, but it was a test to be with him, he is also a fear, facing the Soviet Union exquisite said, “Songxiong first call?”

“Or Qinxiong first call.”Su exquisite smiles.

From the principal there, know this Qinhao after the date a picture worth a thousand gold, burst on the scene now will try to participate in the upcoming school yard fame, the original client is a talented woman, the Soviet Union after the two world exquisite, artistic paintings make deeper.

Qinhao it a little thought, wait until they finish the painting, she quit is a good thing.

Qinhao the stand on one side, is renowned for two Xiaonian Qing, a lot of big age no interest, some people entered the restaurant to find this scene, so that th北京夜网e position of servant to arrange in the distance, a good crowd this a lively.